They find a 3,000-year-old sword in an extraordinary state

Researchers at the Odense Museum have come across a pleasant surprise: a 3,000 year old sword in a and
“Extraordinary” conservation status. Archaeologists discovered the bronze weapon during archaeological prospecting work carried out on the occasion of the construction of the Baltic Gas Pipeline on the island of Funen, in Denmark.

“We are facing a 3,000-year-old wonder”Museum chief Jesper Hansen said in a statement.

It stands out above all the state of conservation of the sword. And it is that it has attracted the attention of the experts that the hilt of the sword, made with wood, horn and antimony. In addition, the bast material allowed the sword’s bronze blade to remain practically “intact.”

1.3 kg object, It is made with wood, horn and studs attached to the metal. As archaeologists have observed, the sword was placed in a well in a settlement as a possible part of some type of ritual or ceremony.

Method to know the exact age

Researchers have reported that plant fiber extracts will be used for carbon-14 dating, so that the age of the sword can be accurately confirmed.