They filter the face to face between Diego and Carlos in ‘The Island of Temptations’ that Telecinco did not broadcast

Hours before the broadcast of the ninth chapter of the third edition of ‘The Island of Temptations’, The arrest of Carlos Algora, a contestant on the program, came to light for having sexually abused a young French woman in a group on February 13 during an illegal party in Colmenarejo.

After that, Mediaset issued a statement condemning “any type of sexual assault” and announced its decision to eliminate Carlos’ presence in “The island of temptations” “until the investigation is concluded.”

In this way, during the program that viewers could see in Telecinco This Wednesday night, no images of Carlos with Lola appeared, nor did the face to face with Diego at the stake.

But as usual in this edition of the reality show, the networks leaked the meeting between the boyfriend of Lola and her suitor. “I have not slept for several nights because I have not slept in Lola’s room for a few days, but hey, I’m happy,” said the bachelor just arriving before the contestants.

“You’ve been here for three years … and in two days,” he was already saying directly to Diego, making a gesture as if he had lifted the girlfriend to which he responded by assuring that he had done her “a great favor, because I have realized that the person next to me is not worth a penny.”

Diego and Lola at the confrontational bonfire.

After the first words that were dedicated, Sandra Barneda asked “respect” to what Carlos He did not hesitate to utter a resounding “kid”. This word greatly angered Diego that clearly said “if you disrespect me, I get up and take it down.” It was once again the presenter who reassured him.

Next, the tempter continued to provoke the boyfriend of Lola: “She came from seeing you a little standing still, and these are the same clothes, I have put them on today wanting to, because it was the first time that she jumped at me in the kitchen.”

“It also shows me that my girlfriend has a bit of bad taste, because her clothes fit like her ass, but to taste the colors,” he replied.