They filter the before and after of Jesé’s ex and the networks are silent

Rocío Amar became known with its participation in ‘Women and men and vice versa’ as a suitor. However, his popularity really grew like wildfire after one of the love triangles that more minutes of television has monopolized: the one formed by Aurah Ruiz, Jesé Rodríguez and Rocío herself.

Apparently, to love and the footballer were meeting during one of the breaks with Aurah. The former clerk spent Jesé’s birthday with him in a luxurious villa and Aurah He realized. Quickly, he appeared there and the one of San Quentin was armed.

A real scandal that ended with the forward expelled from his team at that time, the PSG. And with the two women back with their exes. Aurah and Jesé happy and eating partridges with their son Nyan and Rocío with fellow soccer player Diego Hernández and his son (from a past relationship with another player, Cristian Cedrés).

If you haven’t been lost by now, we will continue to tell you about this never ending story. Although they are calm, there has been no new infidelity, or breakup. But something worse, at least for Rocío. And is that the account @fakebeauty has made a comparison of its before and after aesthetic touch-ups.

As can be seen in the images (last photo), Rocío has modified the shape of her nose with a rhinomodeling. A transformation that, yes, she herself shared through her account Instagram. In addition, the size of her lips has grown remarkably thanks to the hyaluronic acid.

The before and after of Rocío Amar