They cut a match more than 100 times so as not to show the legs of the assistant referee

Hard to believe but true. Although it seems incredible, these stories still happen around the world. An Iranian state television channel interrupted more than 100 times the transmission of the English Premier League match between the Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United (1-3), to avoid exposing the bare legs of the linesman who made up the arbitration list of the match played last weekend, as reported in the newspaper Daily Mail.

Instead of showing Sian Massey-EllisConsidered one of the best assistant referees in soccer, Iranian television featured shots of Tottenham’s stadium in London and its surroundings.

According to a civil rights group in the Islamic Republic, the decision to continually censor Massey-Ellis It was due to the country’s strict religious laws, which affect the entire population in a country with severe restrictions.

“Television censors were puzzled by the presence of a referee in shorts,” criticized the organization M
and Stealthy Freedom.

“At the end of the game, one of the commentators joked that he hoped they enjoyed the panoramic views,” he added. “Censorship is in the DNA of the Islamic Republic of Iran. We should not normalize this practice. This is not our culture. This is the ideology of a repressive regime ”, denounced that civil rights group.

Jose Mourinho shakes hands with Sian Massey-Ellis

Since 1979, women in Iran have been required to wear conservative clothing, and those who violate it can be imprisoned for a period of 60 days.