They consider suing Eufemiano

The top leaders and lawyers of the Royal Society are considering the possibility of filing a civil lawsuit against Euphemian
Sources for his insinuations on the program “Lo de Évole” on La Sexta. After reviewing the content of the program, in the noble floor of Anoeta there is some concern about the dimension that an issue that has already shaken the club eight years ago has been able to acquire, despite the fact that it refers to some alleged events of 18 years ago.

Euphemian He said that he collaborated with the Real doctors at the time of the runner-up and suggested that there was a connection between his doping practices and that second place. La Real is considering filing a civil lawsuit because they understand that it has violated the honor, image and good name of the entity.

Any movement in this sense will be made after the final of the Copa del Rey and in any case the Royal has one year to sue the retired doctor.