They charge against Kendall Jenner for his latest ‘post’: ‘My grandfather must wriggle in his grave’

It seems that the last post of Kendall jenner has been anything but appropriate. At least this is deduced from the rain of criticism that the model and influencer has received, who has once again become the center of controversy, this time due to a confusion that has not sat well with many of her followers.

Kendall has published a ‘post’ in which he advertises his new drink, a tequila produced in Jalisco that he has named “818” and which went on sale this week. However, the criticism has not been long in coming for a ‘powerful’ reason.

“Who drinks tequila in glasses?” Asked one of his followers on Instagram, in response to one of the videos in which Kylie Jenner’s sister appears dressed in a Mexican outfit while enjoying her tequila in a glass.

“A clear example that this girl does not know anything about Mexico and less about tequila,” picks up another comment on the 818 networks.

To all this, KendalHe appears with two braids, mounted on horseback among agaves and wearing a Mexican zarape (a garment used in the fields to protect against the rain and cold). Her followers accuse her of wearing it as if it were a costume: “Why do you do this kind of thing? It is degrading for Mexicans that you think that this is how we would comb our hair, with braids, ”says another comment.

“The value and respect that we give to our indigenous people, you wouldn’t know what that is,” says a follower. Another follower insists on tequila: “Kendall jennerWho told you that tequila is drunk by the glass? ‘No mom’. My grandfather must writhe in his grave.

The announcement of tequila 818 by Jenner unleashed the praise of thousands of his more than 154 million followers, as well as the harshest criticism from his detractors, even though he is not the first foreign celebrity to own a brand of tequila.