They assassinate a former Colombian player who tried to avoid the rape of his girlfriend

Drama has splashed sports in Colombia. Last sunday he was assassinated Jorge Felipe Tobón Sánchez, a former player for the Colombian hockey team, while he was exercising with his partner in the city of Cali. The crime took place on the Cerro de las Tres Cruces, where he went for a run with his girlfriend.

Once on the mountain, Tobon he was intercepted by three assailants, who sought to steal his belongings. In another version, the criminals tried to rape his partner and Tobón objected..

The girl managed to convince the bandits to let her go in search of money. On the way, he met other people who were climbing the hill, who suggested that he call the police. They returned to the scene to assist Juan Felipe, but this one was without life.

When they returned to the scene to help Juan Felipe, he had already died from the injuries they did to him with a knife and the impact of a stone on the head.

It was then that the Police began an operation by air and land to capture the murderers, who were found with the support of the helicopter when they tried to flee the scene. The criminals had a record and a sharp weapon was seized from them, according to the commander of the Metropolitan Police, General Juan Carlos Rodríguez.

Jorge Felipe Tobón He practiced hockey since he was 13 years old, a discipline that led him to join the Colombian National Team.

“The murder of a young athlete on the hill is a very painful situation that we strongly condemn and although some of those involved are captured, we will never be able to return to life a young man whose sole purpose was to play sports,” said the mayor of Cali, Jorge Iván Ospina.