They arrest a miss after taking the crown from the winner in full ceremony

The Sri Lankan Police arrested the current queen of the Mrs World beauty pageant this Thursday, Caroline Jurie, and a former model for attacking the winner of the ‘Mrs Sri Lanka 2021’ contest in the middle of the coronation ceremony.

Jurie alleged last Sunday that the Sri Lankan Pushpika De Silva was divorced and therefore did not comply with the regulations of the contest “Madam Sri Lanka”, demanding that the participants be married, and proceeded to strip her of her crown on stage.


The beauty queen – also winner of the Mrs Sri Lanka pageant in 2019- She was arrested along with the ex-model Chula Padmendra in Colombo after testifying before the Policethe force’s spokesman, Deputy Inspector General Ajith Rohana, told the media.

The Sri Lankan police are investigating what happened as a result of the assault complaint filed by De Silva.

The winner of Mrs Sri Lanka 2021 explained to Efe that Jurie ripped the crown from her head during the ceremony, causing injuries and a subsequent fainting spell for which she had to go to the hospital.

The “Lady Sri Lanka” contest is a franchise of the “Lady World”, the first international beauty pageant created in 1984 only for married women in which Jurie was crowned in 2020, during a ceremony in Las Vegas.

In fact, the first winner of the “Lady World” is none other than the current Colombo mayor, Rosy Senanayake.

It is therefore a popular event in the country, and several videos of the moment in which the crown is snatched by the beauty queen to fall on the head of another of the contestants quickly went viral.

De Silva was crowned again Tuesday in a smaller ceremony after event organizers, who have called the incident unpleasant, ratified her title of winner.