‘They are thanking me for the Cup and that is the greatest thing there is’


With the voice at half gas and the spirit reinforced to the fullest, to make history, Imanol
Sheriff Save the celebrations for when you can. The League derby knocks on the door and the Real coach prohibits dispersions. “We have already forgotten about the final, there are 10 games left, the goal is to win and we have an important game, which is a derby”.

Maximum attention, therefore, is what the Real technician asks for. The motive argument is that “we are gambling to enter Europe again, which is the ultimate goal,” said the third Real coach to lift a title at a press conference. “The objective is to enter the Europa League”, replied, more than once and more than two, the Oriotarra.

Imanol the hours after the euphoria unleashed in the de la Real family has passed “very quiet” and at the same time “very happy”. He arrived in his village and was acclaimed by Orio. It “fills” him that “they are thanking me” for the Cup “and that is the greatest thing there is.” Sheriff believes that “I have to give them.” The Gipuzkoan remembers the club’s greatest heritage: “It’s a shame that we can’t celebrate it all together so that we can celebrate it as it deserves.”

The picture of Imanol With the Real shirt and scarf in Seville, he has gone around the world. Also the song with which he celebrated the Cup before the microphone. A journalist staged it at a press conference. “You have not imitated it well because you have to feel it”, it came out of the soul to respond to Imanol, in a friendly tone. “I had planned to wear the shirt and scarf” in honor “of all the fans that were in Gipuzkoa.”

Going for the League from now on

“We are going to be confused as someone gets confused for having won the final,” he warns Imanol, although “I think it will not be so. For the Oriotarra, “if we want to win over all of Gipuzkoa, the entire fans, as we have done, it is time to focus again on the League,” he says. Starting with tomorrow’s derby: “I want to see the same competitive team from the final.”

For Imanol, Anoeta’s party “will have nothing to do” with the La Cartuja duel. The coach clarifies that “the final marks more” than other games “for fear of conceding”, but ensures that the “approach, the players, the tools or the systems” that he uses tomorrow will be thinking about winning. The key will be again in the “small, precise details”, as well as in the “efficiency in the areas”.

Imanol He asked to “take advantage of” the occasion to “thank Athletic, club and players, for their behavior” after Real prevailed in the Cup. And in these, the hackneyed theme of the hall to the champion floats in the air. “I don’t know if there will be or not and I don’t care. In the final they showed greatness in defeat ”, said the coach txuri urdin. Nor does the Sheriff consider that the Royal celebrations were to fuel controversy. “When we lifted the Cup, my gaze went to Athletic,” he confessed, underlining that “they were up to the task and I sincerely believe that we too.”