They accuse ‘Mask Singer’ of tongo for what happened at the first gala: ‘It’s insulting’

Antenna 3 premiered this past Monday the new season of ‘Mask singer‘, The talent show that revolutionized audiences when it landed in Spain. Although on the day of his return to the small screen he did it with a special of the masks, this Monday more than 2 million viewers gave a chance to the program presented by Arturo Valls.

A ‘bombshell’ for the first gala

For the first gala, the organization had prepared a bombshell with the idea of ​​hooking the largest possible audience: an international guest who was hiding behind Menina. After taking the stage, she failed to convince the audience and was unmasked. It was then that the viewers of ‘Mask singer‘They were able to find out who it was. Nothing more and nothing less than La Toya Jackson.

La Toya Jackson, on Mask Singer

Something that surprised the followers of the space of Antenna 3 and that at the same time they found a suspect. For this reason, many took to social networks accusing the contest of “Tongo” for what happened. And it is that they found it curious that, as in his first season, the most powerful celebrity was unmasked in the first gala.

In a few minutes, Twitter was filled with comments from the followers of ‘Mask Singer’Ensuring that what was done by the program was“ insulting ”. It will be necessary to see the reaction of the public in the face of the following ‘Mask Singer’ programs.