These are the results of the already historic ‘Evening of the Year’ organized by Ibai Llanos

After several months of waiting, this Wednesday a historic event was held for Twitch Spain: ‘The Evening of the Year’, organized by Ibai Llanos. The Basque ‘streamer’ turned a scuffle into a gala that has generated maximum expectation and has even exceeded the million viewers, in which six ‘streamers’ have dared to box in three bouts.

The gala, which began at 19 h, has been presented by Llanos himself, as well as by Werlyb, Spursito Y Paula Gonu. Throughout the first hour, several of the biggest streamers on the Spanish-speaking scene have walked the red carpet. ElXokas, IlloJuan, Jordi Wild, DjMaRiiO, Morat, Mayichi, Borja Iglesias placeholder image, Cafuné Cross, Kapo013, Nil ojeda, Paracetamor, Maximus, Pandarina, Abby, Jordi Évole or Sergio Reguilon are some of the guests who have attended the event in person. But not content with that, Llanos has also organized, between combat and combat, concerts in charge of the artists Blon, Rojuu Y Pieces.

But who are the ‘streamers’ who have jumped into the ring? Future
and Torete they have been the first to box. Then it was the turn of Mister Jagger and Viruzz. And finally they have competed ElMillor and Reven, whose previous scuffle served as a pretext for Llanos to organize ‘The Boxing Evening‘.

First fight: Torete wins in just two rounds

From the beginning, Torete competed with an aggressiveness that caught Future by surprise, hit on several occasions by the first. In the second round, Future tried to drop defense and go on the attack with a good right hand early on. However, he began to recoil and show signs of exhaustion and even stagger on the mat. The fight did not reach the third round, since the referee determined a technical KO in favor of Torete.

Torete and Future in ‘The Evening of the Year’.

Second fight: Jagger beats Viruzz to points

The second match of the night began with Jagger landing a good blow at Viruzz, who had to take a few moments to recover. However, he knew how to come back and endure in an assault in which there were exchanges and good actions. Mister Jagger dominated in the second round, in which Viruzz’s fatigue began to take its toll. Jagger was more active and managed to place the tables a priori.

The fight was resolved in a third round. Jagger made his opponent bleed, already slower, although he was close to being penalized for an illegal hit. Still, Jagger returned to the ring with the same energy and took the fight to the points.

Mister Jagger beats Viruzz to points.

Mister Jagger beats Viruzz to points.

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