These are the reasons for the separation between Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez

A joint statement and nothing more. That was all the information we had so far about the breaking off Come in Jennifer López and Álex Rodríguez. Until now, some close friends of the couple have wanted to provide new data.

“I couldn’t fully trust him. He tried to fix it, but there were too many issues to be resolved. I don’t think the best thing for her would be to continue with Alex. They both liked spending more time together as a family, but it was difficult for them to maintain that special spark when they saw each other, ”explained the sources.

“She knew that it was time to quit. There were problems when wedding and other plans were addressed trust issues that I couldn’t pass up. Whether he has cheated on her or not does not matter. What she would not tolerate is fear getting between them ”, they continued.

A situation that also affects the artist’s children: “The children are sad for the break up because they have grown very close, but they also want the best for their mother, so that she may be happy. Between the two families there is love and respect ”, they have commented.

Now, the singer is more immersed than ever in her work in order to get through the duel as soon as possible: “Jennifer he’s done everything he can to hold his head high since the breakup. He has been taking great care, mentally, physically and spiritually, and has surrounded herself with people who love her. Also has focused on his work. Staying busy and doing many things that fill her up has been good for her, ”they confessed.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodríguez confirmed their breakup a few days ago