These are the most common names in Spain by communities and provinces

The INE has published which are the most common names in Spain, Of men, women, boys and girls, according to the latest data from the register.

The pattern reflects that Maria Carmen it’s the name more common in resident women, with a total of 647,877 people under that name. In the masculine gender, the name with the most incidence is Antonio (655,030). Regarding the newborn children, the most common is Lucy and, as children, Hugo.

Most common names

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In the INE data you can also find the 100 names most common in Spain and everything related to newborns as of January 1, 2020. You can check this information on the following map and at this link.

The most frequent men’s names are Antonio, Manuel and José; while in women they are María Carmen, María and Carmen.

On the popularity of names like José and Antonio has greatly reduced the intensity.

As for surnames, the most common are García, Rodríguez and González. Gómez, Sánchez and López follow very closely.

Evolution of the most frequent names and with more and less average age

The name with the oldest average age in Spain in 2020 was Aphrodisias, of which there are 28 women with this name throughout the country. Above 78 years of age and the most frequent is that of Ciriaca, of which there are about 300 women named that way with an average age of 79.4 years in Spain.

The name with the lowest average age in Spain in 2020 was Nyan, of which there are 61 children called by this name throughout the country. Below three years and more frequent is Arya’s, of which there are about 940 girls named like that with an average age of 2.6 years in Spain.

The INE has performed the count from the Continuous Register Statistics file on 01/01/2020. In addition to the frequency for each name, the percentage per thousand that said name represents over the total population of the group referred to in each case is also indicated.