These are the dogs that shot Lady Gaga

The puppies of Lady Gaga they still do not appear since they attacked the person in charge of walking them while the singer was traveling. And it is that after shooting the man (who fortunately seems to be recovering), the attackers they took two of the three dogs of the American artist.

The events occurred on Wednesday night, February 24, in West Hollywood. Ryan fischer, a dog walker and friend of Lady Gaga, was attacked by two men while he was about to take out Koji, Miss Asia and Gustave, the artist’s three French bulldogs. The victim, who was in the vicinity of the residence of the New York singer, was shot four times in the chest.

Fortunately, when the police and medical assistants arrived at the scene they found the 30-year-old still alive and, although he was transferred to the hospital in a “serious” condition, the latest medical reports indicate that “Ryan is expected to make a full recovery”, As reported by‘ TMZ ’.

But the attack did not stop there. And is that the two men took two of the three dogs of Lady Gaga. The missing dogs are Koji
, brown fur, and Gustave
, the one with the white fur with black spots. Miss Asia, on the other hand, managed to escape and it was the agents who picked up the dog and took her to the police station, where she was later picked up by one of the singer’s bodyguards.

From left to right, Koji, Gustave and Miss Asia, Lady Gaga’s dogs.

The intentions of the attackers and if the dogs were their target from the beginning are unknown. Mind you: French bulldogs they are highly demanded and expensive dogs, which are generally sold for between 1,500 and 3,000 dollarsares, although with pedigree they can reach $ 10,000. In addition, being Lady Gaga’s dogs their value is much greater.

Koji and Gustave, Lady Gaga's stolen dogs.
Koji and Gustave, Lady Gaga’s stolen dogs.

Lady Gaga offers a $ 500,000 reward: “Her dogs are like her babies and she is devastated”

The singer is aware of this and, for that reason, is offering $ 500,000 to whoever returns their pets and “no questions asked”, according to the aforementioned medium. A source close to the singer has transferred to the ‘ET online’ portal that the artist is devastated. “Lady Gaga is beside herself about this situation. Ryan is not only her dog walker, but also her friend. She is horrified that this happened. Her dogs are like her babies and she’s completely devastated and disgusted by this. He also feels very powerless because he is far away, in Italy, but he is doing everything he can and praying for Ryan, Koji and Gustave ”, says this anonymous source on the aforementioned portal.