‘These almost 9 months have been the longest of our lives’

Since 2013 the Madrid Carlos J. García is a physiotherapist at the Mobile Clinic of the MotoGP World Championship And since 2017, when subluxation problems in both shoulders began to recur, Marc Márquez asked him to be the one to treat him exclusively and he has been one more in Cervera, especially in these long nine months looking for “every day that light to the end of the tunnel ”and when it illuminates them, he has reflected his emotions in a more than significant instagram post in which he highlights the person Marc over the ‘Marc Márquez 93’.

“You don’t have to prove anything to anyone, you’re Marc. Those of us who have been close at this difficult time know that before the athlete there is a great person.”

“We have given everything we had and writing it is done quickly, but these almost 9 months have been the longest of our lives. We have given up everything with one goal. We finally fulfilled that objective and that pays us more than everything we have experienced, what we have NOT experienced and what we have suffered. The last months have been very hard but we have always tried to see the light at the end of the tunnel ”, he explains about what those nine months have been trying to recover the champion.

“If I have learned something in these months, it is that the athlete to be successful needs to have talent, but not only talent. You have to add WORK, do what you have to do and not what you feel like doing. Get up early, be punctual, constant, know how to rest, eat a healthy diet, train, suffer … everything, without knowing until when; all despite your dreams slipping away; all with the doubt of when you could compete again. It seems that that light that we imagined every day at the end of the tunnel, finally illuminates us ”, he explains at the beginning of a week that it will be very special in their lives.

“@ Marcmarquez93 will win World Cups, but Marc will stay,” the champion’s personal physiotherapist ditches.