‘There are national team players who don’t want Ibra to return, but they don’t dare to say so’

Ralf Edström, 68-year-old former Swedish international, wanted to give his opinion on the news they gave yesterday Saturday in Sweden regarding the return of Zlatan
Ibrahimovic to the national team to play the European Championship this summer

Despite the joy of many, the former striker does not believe that the return of the striker is the best for the Nordic team: “It’s wrong and they should say no. Zlatan has done something incredible in Milan and is the best Swedish player of all time, but I don’t think it is possible that he can perform at the same level or achieve the same with the national team ”, he told Radiosporten.

Edström adds that “I know some players in the national team who think the same as me but don’t dare to say it.” “Do you know what is the problem? The teammates have too much respect for Zlatan and will give him the ball even if they or others are better positioned. “If Janne Andersson (coach) has done something, it is to get a group in which everyone works for others, without some being above others. It is a bit difficult for me to see Zlatan enter into that concept ”.