“There are many doubts on the table with the ACB final phase”

Pierre Oriola, pivot of Barça, declared in an interview to the radio program Tu Diràs, from RAC-1 that “there are many doubts on the table” regarding the resumption of the Endesa League, scheduled to start on June 17 in Valencia. “The decision of the Euroleague to cancel the season seems to me a correct decision because they have thought more about the players and have preferred to start the next season with more force – he indicated Oriola-. The ACB has wanted to throw away. It is respected, but there are many doubts on the table. “

The Catalan player explained that “the security protocol raises doubts. For example what happens if a case arises (from coronavirus) in the middle of the competition. As the date approaches, these issues will be refined and improved. ”

Oriola I consider that “what I do not see logical is to go a week before and go from the hotel to the pavilion and from the pavilion to the hotel for a week looking at the walls of the hotel. I don’t see any sense in what we were talking about on the mental issue. They are worrying about health issues, as is normal, but they are forgetting about the mental issue. Thinking of the players, it is a mistake to go a week early and be watching the shrews doing nothing. ” Likewise, the player considered that “things should have been done differently, before. At Barca We have taken all possible measures, but I understand that not everyone has taken them. This is the first mistake we have made as an association. “

The center of the Barcelona team indicated that after months of confinement and a few weeks of training, right now we are still green. It is easy to recover that feeling because the automatisms are still there, but they must be polished in a short time ”. Oriola considered that the final tournament of the ACB It is going to be very physically demanding. “Let’s see how you face a competition that in fifteen days decides who is the champion. When you are physically well, the head is also much better, but when you see that you do not arrive … “