The Zubieta campus

There is a physical trainer, a lawyer, an engineer and a professor training at the Zubieta University. The Real’s headquarters is also a campus that allows four products from the factory, such as Aihen
Muñoz, Ander
Guevara, Luca
Sangalli and Ander
Barrenetxea, to bail out like students while playing soccer. Life beyond being professionals defending their soul colors. An edifying treatise of great value.

They are the four footballers of the first squad that combine football and studies today. Confinement allows some of them to save time knowing that the activity, when the world turns again smoothly, will limit their free time to the limit.

Aihen and Guevara they play with the advantage of mutual thrust. The two royalists share a flat in Donostia. The Navarrese winger studies I.N.E.F. (Physical Activity and Sports Sciences), remotely, at the Isabel I University of Burgos. Put your elbows down to get in top shape for the tests that await you in June. The Gasteiz midfielder is halfway between third and fourth in Law, at the University of the Basque Country (UPV).

La Real has a mechanical engineer on staff. It is the degree you achieved Sangalli in 2016. The donostiarra did not post the notes. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in Industrial Engineering at the University of Mondragón. The youth squad aims high on his goals, aspires to a goal for the squad: he develops a thesis that brings “something new” to the world and that he will have to defend when he finishes it off.

A teacher inside and outside

The last txuri urdin to join the trend is the youngest of the group: Ander
Barrenetxea. After completing his journey in school, the donostiarra has started the first distance teaching course at the University of Logroño. It seeks to impart the same lessons learned at home, since Azu
MuguruzaHer mistress is also a teacher. A real boost in the race to transfer his budding mastery from the field of play to the classroom.

While there are no games, the four students of the Real take notes. What is the lesson? That there is life beyond soccer.

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