The zasca of Berto Romero to a person from the public of ‘La Resistencia’: ‘Read a book’

This Thursday, March 25, the program ‘The resistance’ of Movistar + that is emitted in channel # 0 celebrated the 500 broadcasts. The space of humor hosted by David Broncano invited comedian Berto Romero, who was presenting his book “A lot of nonsense.”

And is that the entrance of Berto Romero to the stage of ‘La Resistencia’ could not be more convincing, especially towards a spectator who was present in the place. To the applause of the audience, one of those present made a comment which was quickly answered by the comedian.

The zasca of Berto Romero to a person from the public of ‘La Resistencia’

“Cut your hair now …”a person snapped. Well, Berto Romero as he went to the sofa of “La Resistencia” had no qualms about answering and bluntly. “Read a book”.

And he ended with: “Each one recommends to the other what they think they need.” How could it be otherwise, David Broncano took advantage of the episode that had been generated to enter the scene.

“What cannot be is that I present you here as a person so that people are comfortable and you enter insulting. It is true that he has told you to cut your hair and that you have told him to read a book ”, Broncano launched, something that Romero replied: “What insult is’ read a book?”.