The ‘wolf’ Willian José does not start

It is difficult not to establish a cause-effect relationship between the output of Willian
Jose at the end of January and the scoring outbreak of Alexander
Isak. The disappearance of his most direct competition and his consolidation as Real’s starting striker transported the Swede to another dimension, which led him to score nine goals in six of the first eight league games of 2021.

Parallel to the excellent performance of Isak in the Real, Willian
Jose does not finish booting in the Wolverhampton. The technician of the ‘Wolves‘, Nuno
Holy, gave him his first 18 minutes before Chelsea on January 27, a day after his arrival, and since then he has played eight of the nine games his team has played, one in the FA Cup, but the ‘wolf’ Willian
Jose no carburetion. He has not yet scored in the 543 official minutes that he accumulates and, after starting six of those eight games, on the last day of the Premier against him City, on Tuesday, Willian
Jose he stayed on the bench and didn’t get to play for a single minute.

The situation of the Porto
bald may appear to be unaffected by Real already Isak but it’s not like that. The Brazilian’s assignment contract includes a Purchase option, according to club sources, almost impossible to avoid although it also collects a penalty of three million in case of not executing it. The decision will ultimately depend on the performance of Willian
Jose which, for now, is more than discreet.