The Wizink Center will host on July 3 ‘The Tok fest’, the festival that unites music and influencers

In recent times we are verifying that each generation has its social network. And the youngest, the one most used by those who are now between adolescence and youth, it’s TikTok. The fifteen-second video social network has also served not only to connect millions of young users all over the planet, but also to relaunch the careers of internationally renowned musicians, such as Doja Cat, Curtis Roach, Lil Nas X among others; that have enjoyed a huge impact.

So, THE TOK FEST, which will celebrate its first edition this year, will bring together musicians and ‘influencers’ in the same event; And it will do so to, taking advantage of the enormous communicative potential that social networks have, to influence the necessary social function that it can play to raise awareness among the youngest people about current pressing issues, such as the rejection of bullying in schools, the need for a healthy diet, respect for LGTBI groups or a firm rejection of gender violence. Tolerance and respect, in short. The combination of commitment and learning, not only through concerts but also with dances, challenges, raffles, live shows …

On the other hand, the festival will feature a capacity of 5,000 people, with all spectators occupying a seat and respecting all pertinent sanitary measures (social distance, mandatory use of a mask, hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers at entrances and exits to the venue, covid-free bar). Of the more than 15,000 seats that make up the bleachers of the Wizink Center, only 30% will be used, in order that there is the maximum safety distance between the attendees.

THE TOK FEST, was born as a result of the enormous potential that TikTok and other social networks have had in recent years. TikTok has more than 15 million users in Spain alone (more than 800 million worldwide), of which 70% use it daily. But the quote is not limited to the purposes of a single social network.

In addition, it wants to reach the audience of any other network: an audience, fundamentally, millennial, but also of the so-called generation Z. In fact, THE TOK FEST appeals directly not only to adolescents, but also to young people, from 14 to 35 years old. The event will bring together some of the most prominent Spanish musicians of the latest generation urban genres (reggaeton, hip-hop, trap, pop), such as Víctor Pérez, Yago Roche, Chema Rivas, Paris Boy or Kareta el Gucci among many others more to be confirmed. Artists whose videos, in some cases, accumulate millions of views thanks to the fact that their songs have been reproduced as sound in TikTok.

The Tok Fest will also have more than a dozen influencers, not only of TikTok, but from social networks such as Twitch, Instagram or Facebook, among them: Riverss, Andrea Palazón, Isaac Belk, Pablo G show, Lucía Bellido, Lidia Rauet, Archie Ted, Quintana 00, Jesica, Aitana Soriano, Laura Rouder, Álvaro Suarez, Nico 20, Guille Monzón and many more, whose names will be announced very soon, all of them with millions of followers.

Tickets can be purchased from Sunday at 6 pm through, Fever and El Corte Ingles, with a price from 19.90 euros.