The way that Formula 1 could study to enter Miami

Upon confirmation of the entry of the Miami Grand Prix in the Formula 1 World Championship calendar for 2022, the question is how the appointment will be placed on the calendar. With the intention of maintaining a total of 23 races like this year, it seems clear that one of the current appointments will have to go out to accommodate it.

Due to the geographical location of the race, there are two possible dates to concentrate the race: near the Canadian Grand Prix located this year in June or on the final tour of the season that runs Austin, Mexico and Brazil. Some media in the United States suggest that the most likely possibility is the first, which would force the elimination of some of the European Grand Prix, just on the dates on which the appointment of the Spanish Grand Prix at the Circuit de Catalunya.

However, as explained from the same country, the possibility that is most analyzed is that the fall of a European appointment is rotating during the years of Miami’s contract. That is, it is not always the same circuit that is left out of the calendar to make room for the American race.

In fact, it goes further when it comes to naming names. From the United States that slips, Although Catalonia would be the appointment sacrificed in 2022, Spa, in Belgium, could be the one that was left out of the 2023 calendar, which in principle would allow the Circuit to return to the World Championship. However, for now it is all guesswork to see how the calendar fits together.

This situation, however, gains strength due to the difficulty that the payment of the high canon that is required to enter the World Cup. In the meantime, The Spanish Grand Prix remains without a contract signed with Formula 1 for beyond this 2021.