The Villarreal delegate, sent off in the final tangana

The referee of the match between Villarreal and the Cadiz, César Soto Grado, expelled the delegate of the Castellón team with a direct red card, Xisco Nadal, after the tangana that was formed at the end of the match played at the stadium of The ceramic.

An expulsion that, according to the same Riojan collegiate in the minutes of the match, occurred for “facing an opponent in a violent manner causing a massive confrontation.”

Xisco faced the veteran defender of the Cadiz, Juan Cala, that after finishing the game he was arguing with the soccer player of the Villarreal, Yeremi
Pine tree.

Pino had already faced Cala before the end of the game, being recriminated by the Cádiz player in a very angry way. That discussion had already led to another dispute in which two players saw a card, Raul Albiol for the locals and Fali for the visitors, an action that came just after the play of the possible penalty in Villarreal’s area by the hands of Pino himself.

Two minutes later and, just to finish the game, Cala looked for Pino, being intercepted by the local delegate, Xisco Nadal, who at the insistence of the player of the Cadiz For looking for the young yellow player, he grabbed Cala trying to prevent him from reaching Pino, who was being pushed aside by his teammates.

That moment of nervousness generated a final tangana of several players that the referee considered that it was given by the attitude of the yellow delegate.

After a few minutes of nerves and pushing from each other, the referee showed the red to Xisco Nadal and sent all the players to the locker room.