The VAR saves Zidane work

History repeats itself. One more season (and they are already …), the VAR covers the deficiencies of a Real
Madrid that, before him Betis, showed that he lacks many hours of cooking to be ready and presentable in the League. Needless to say in Europe.

Decisions of From Burgos Bengoetxea, at least doubtful, they pushed the remote to a team, the target, which barely gave any signs of beating Betis if it had not been for the divine intervention of the screens. Those of Pellegrini They surpassed them in intensity, in play, but not in controversial actions where Real Madrid settled their account with an expulsion and a penalty in favor that did the dirty work of the comeback.

The list of breakdowns is long

It is the month of September. The calendar has many dates left. There is level in the template. Soccer are states of mind. These and many more are the topics that can be applied without error to Real
Madrid, but none of them will be more true than the one that points out that Zidane has a lot of work to do in Valdebebas if you want to reverse the team situation.

Because in Seville before him Betis the team won, yes, but it did after a first half in which it barely showed why it is the current champion. He lacked soul, spark and, worst of all, imagination in crafting the offensive game.

With a scheme marked by the diamond in the center of the field, the wings did not affect the attack as to make the presence of Jovic Y Benzema up. The role of the Serbian, in addition, gives a separate chapter. He did not take advantage of his umpteenth opportunity as a starter and removed the reason from all those who demand more minutes for the forward. So that, Zidane he must give a lot of thought in his office to how to return the team to its best version because the VAR, despite everything, will not be eternal.