The VAR double confirmed Carrasco’s goal

It was the 79th minute of the game when Yannick Carrasco celebrated 2-0 for him Atlético de Madrid….until the VAR went into action. The players of the Huesca they asked offside and from the monitors of Las Rozas that the Federation has had to be checked.

A few minutes of tension began, and there were two doubtful plays before the mattress goal arrived. The first possible offside was Dembelé who received a ball into space. They saw that it was in the correct position. The second was at the time Marcos Llorente placeholder image in the small area the goal is yielded to Carrasco. Without a doubt the most doubtful play that after several takes they ended up concluding that it was a legal goal.

The players celebrated Carrasco’s goal.

So to Yannick The celebration waited for him but for a good cause. His goal was totally legal. The Belgian already has three goals in the last three days. Some numbers typical of a forward.

In addition to the goal on the scoreboard, frames added his second assist of the match after giving the pass to strap to do the first. There are already eleven assists this season. A real outrage.