The US exceeds 169,300 deaths and 5.3 million infections

U.S has reached the number of 5,345,610 confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 169,313 deaths, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University published yesterday, Saturday.

This balance means that there are already close to 170,000 deaths from the disease in the United States, the country most affected in both infections and deaths from coronavirus of the world.

Covid-19 tests.

Although New York It is no longer the state with the highest number of infections, it is still the most affected in terms of deaths in the United States with 32,833, more than in France or Spain. In New York City alone, 23,621 people have died.

Next in number of deaths is the neighbor New Jersey (15,910), California (11,149), Texas (10,254) and Florida (9,345). Other states with a large death toll include Massachusetts with 8,804, Illinois (7,937), Pennsylvania (7,451) and Michigan with 6,586.

As for contagions, California adds 613,561, followed by Florida with 569,637, third is Texas with 542,625, and New York it is fourth with 424,901.

The provisional death toll -169,313- has already far exceeded the lower limit of the initial estimates of the White House, which in the best of cases projected between 100,000 and 240,000 deaths due to the pandemic.

People strolling the streets of Miami.
People strolling the streets of Miami.