The United Kingdom does not give in and the Red will be orphaned of fans against Italy

The UEFA maintains London as the venue for the semi-finals and final of the Eurocup And that is causing the unrest to grow in some Federations, such as the Spanish, due to that fact. The problem is that British laws prevent fans like the Spanish from being in the stands on Tuesday Wembleand to cheer the Red. Spain is a country in amber on Covid-19 issues for the United Kingdom and its citizens must remain in quarantine for ten days in case of entering the United Kingdom. P

Therefore, those who want to travel to see the semifinals do not arrive on time and the Spanish fans who are in the Wembley stands on Tuesday will be those residing in the United Kingdom.

The tickets they were put on sale this morning on the UEFA website. The Spanish Football Federation made the arrangements to know if there could be some kind of exception for fans to travel from Spain, but it will not be possible. That has caused discomfort in the Federation and also among some players who do not understand that UEFA maintains the London headquarters.

What is clear is that these measures favor England in the event that it reaches the final. The stadium allows the entrance of 60,000 fans out of a capacity of 90,000, so with the restrictions of the United Kingdom, practically the entire stadium will be full of English fans.