The unfortunate comment on Twitter by golfer Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño

There are reactions on social networks that should be thought twice before carrying them out. It is what has happened to the golfer Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño, who has not been careful of the consequences that may have disrespect on Twitter.

The Spanish golfer got involved in a tweet discussion in which he ended up very poorly, especially his image in front of his fans.

“Does your mother, as a good professional, also keep a statistic of the tails that she sucks?” She snapped in an unfortunate message. It all started with a tweet from Fernández-Castaño in which he criticized José Félix Tezanos, President of the Center for Sociological Research (CIS): “Tezanos should count the deaths of covid-19 and clear all doubts once and for all,” he commented on his Twitter account.

Another tweetter’s response was immediate: “In parallel you could count the double bogeand I know you’ve been in the last year. Very complicated…”.

Faced with such a critical comment, the golfer, neither short nor lazy, had no qualms about answering in this way: “Not so much. I keep my statistics up to date, it is part of my job. In 2019 I made 35 doublebogeys in 1,512 holes played (84 competition laps), which is 0.41 per lap. A doubt, his mother, as a good professional, also keeps a statistic of the tails that she sucks? ”.

Without a doubt, a very out of place response that has been highly criticized on this social network.