The uncomfortable fit of laughter of Isabel Jiménez in full news: ‘I kill you’

This Tuesday in ‘News telecinco“There has been a new” moment “that has not gone unnoticed. A very curious scene starring its presenters, David Cantero and Isabel jimenez, and with which the good tune what is between the two.

It all started when, minutes before Isabel Jiménez suffered a fit of laughter, Jose Palacios
has imitated Chiquito de la Calzada when informing that Malaga is going to install some of the humorist’s phrases at traffic lights. What the presenter did not expect was that, afterwards, his partner did the same on set.

Be careful that Mediaset Cinema presents a new great production, a highly anticipated comedy: ‘Operación Camarón’”Cantero has started, introducing the new Mediaset film. The presenter has explained below that the film is directed by Carlos Theron. “It tells the story of a rookie police officer infiltrated in a dangerous and fun …”, Added Jiménez, who had to stop for a laughing fit.

Isabel Jiménez suffers a fit of laughter in ‘Informativos Telecinco’.

David Cantero: “He has already hit you with the‘ careín ’”

He has already hit you with the ‘caretaker’. I am sorry”, Cantero then commented, who has finished the introduction to the report. “I kill you”, His partner reacted, laughing.