The two keywords for Atlético’s LaLiga

Despite the fact that in the last week some sectors of the press have come to suggest that the keywords for the Atlético de Madrid Sean champion has been hydration break. This is far from the truth because both Simeone as in the bosom of the dressing room, two words have been used that have reached the players very deep and have allowed them to overcome bad moments.

The first arose in one of the most complex moments of the season. The Atlético de Madrid they drew one against Real Betis after a match in which they had two options at the end to take all three points. The next match he would face without his star signings of the last three summers (Luis Suárez, Joao Félix Y Lemar), almost nothing. Thats why he Cholo After proclaiming himself champion, he confessed that “the most complex moment was when after the Betis because we came from many positives and many injuries. I told them to resist, I believe that the resistance was present in the team. After a tremendous first lap and I only felt like champion ten minutes ago ”.

The second word has to do with the unity of the wardrobe. “The word team is what can show everything we are doing this season,” said the Cholo Simeone after beating Osasuna in a game in which the media focus had been on Luis Suarez after scoring the goal of the comeback.

“Team” is just the word that the game had on the screens that the players have in the dressing room. Metropolitan Wanda. A word that was carried to Jose Zorrilla where in the absence of screens they stuck it on the wall with cardboard to reinforce that union within the changing room.

Team and Resistance, two concepts that have given a League to Atlético de Madrid.