The two goals a la Pelé that the Athletic quarry boasts

Nico Serrano, an 18-year-old footballer from the Lezama quarry, signed last Saturday during the match between Bilbao Athletic and Tudelano a goal from the center of the field. The young left-handed winger of the rojiblanco subsidiary saw the rival goalkeeper ahead and beat him with a shot pumped from practically the circle of the line that divides both fields. This goal, second of the aforementioned puppy, allowed Joseba Etxeberria’s men to sentence the match and arrive as leaders of their group on the last day prior to the playoff for promotion to Second A.

The plastic beauty and degree of difficulty of this goal by Nico Serrano from the midfield line quickly found a point of comparison within Lezama’s own quarry. Something registered last season precisely against the same rival, Tudelano, although in this case as visitors. Black pudding, the current footballer of the Athletic first team, was its author.

The also left-handed winger, who on the last day of the League released his scoring locker in Primera with a powerful shot from outside the area against Valladolid, then managed to beat the goalkeeper of the Navarrese team with a shot from an area close to the touch line and near the line of separation of both fields. Another great goal.

Athletic fans are now debating which of these two spectacular goals was the best. Two targets like Pelé, although the former Brazilian star tried without success against Czechoslovakia in the World Cup in Mexico 70.