The tribute to Porsche that Maluma wears in his Nike and that you can no longer buy on his website

It’s no surprise that celebrities turn everything they touch to gold. That is why, for years, brands have had this type of influence to advertise their products. Nor is it strange to see how some of the models shown by these people are sold out within a few hours of going on sale.

However, the same has not happened with the last pair of shoes that Maluma has shared in his account Instagram. And not because their followers did not like them, but because they are discontinued and can only be purchased through other online sales platforms.

As already mentioned in the previous lines, this Nike model cannot be purchased through the official website of the brand. Although it is available on other sales platforms.

But what model of Nike We are talking? It is neither more nor less, a special edition of Dunk low, which pays tribute to a racing car from Porsche. Specifically, the Premium ‘Pink Pig’ model is reminiscent of the pink car with red accents that ran, according to ‘GQ’ magazine, at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1971.

This is the model on which Nike has been based

This is the model on which Nike has been based