The tears of Ana Cristina Portillo, sister of Bertín Osborne’s daughters, in ‘El Hormiguero’ when remembering her mother

The Hormiguero
Bertín Osborne

Eugenia, Alejandra and Claudia Osborne accompanied by their sister Ana Cristina Portillo have shared with Pablo Motos an intimate experience with their mother, Sandra Domecq, who died in 2004


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Alejandra, Eugenia, Claudia Osborne and Ana Cristina Portillo have visited ‘El Hormiguero’ after releasing their first work together for the firm Hoss Intropia. Pablo Motos has interviewed the four sisters, the three eldest daughters of Bertín Osborne and their ‘other daughter’, Ana Cristina, daughter Sandra Domecq, ex-wife of the presenter, and businessman Fernando Portillo, and they have all been very excited to remember their mother.

Sandra Domecq died in 2004 due to cancer that marked the lives of her daughters, but the sisters, very close, remember her and assure that she always accompanies them.