The tactical keys of the Madrid derby

Pepe Murcia, soccer coach, former Atlético de Madrid and that now directs the CS Sfaxien from Tunisia, gives the tactical keys of the Madrid derby. For the Cordovan coach, “a derby … is never one more”, and he analyzes from the North African country.

1. Breaking the opponent’s defensive security.

The two teams are going to be very organized defensively. The two will try to grow from defensive security to seek surprise, and one of the keys will be that the one who is capable of breaking the opponent’s defensive system, of breaking that equality, beyond the systems that both teams can use , you will be closer to victory.

2. Which team will take the initiative?

Madrid can choose to give the initiative to the leader … or vice versa. For Atlético, it should assume the role of leader, control the game and take the initiative, or it should be Madrid that has to demonstrate its ambition as a team that wants to win everything. An interesting expectation.

3. The strategy

They are two teams that, despite the difference in points, are measured in one of these games in which there is a key factor which is strategy. If the duel goes to a close match, it will be essential to break the opponent’s defensive balance. Kroos and Casemiro have good harmony, and in a red and white key, Atleti can also unbalance in this aspect.

4. Individualities

The individual key. In a theoretical derby that is presented as very even, both teams have players capable of unbalancing. It is not a question of entering into proper names, because it is not known if Benzemá will play, in what state Carrasco arrives after his injury … But Luis Suárez does stand out in the area, or the shots of Kroos and Modric from the front, to put a couple of examples.

5. The attitude

The fifth key is the psychic, the mental, the psychological, in short, the attitude. The team that has a good attitude, a good mood throughout the game, that will always be above the system. Because as we said at the beginning, a derby … is never one more ”.