The suspense around Iñigo Martínez remains

The doubt about Iñigo Martínez’s contest in the second leg of the Cup semifinal against Levante remains in force on the eve of the decisive match at the Ciutat de Valencia on Thursday. The Competition Committee, which sometimes meets on Tuesday afternoons, decided on this occasion to move its weekly meeting to Wednesday. It is possible that the resolution of said body will be made public in full training of the lions or even after the last working session scheduled in Lezama has concluded before the trip to the City of Turia.

LIñigo Martínez is red at the end of the league match played last Friday between Levante and Athletic has given rise to all kinds of interpretations and speculations. The reading of the arbitration act drawn up by Díaz de Mera qualifies some details in this regard, but does not make all of them clear.

The referee of the Castellano-Manchego Committee does not specify anything about the fact that Iñigo Martínez reacts with a slap to a previous touch in the face of Sergio León, nor that the latter goes in search of the center-back as soon as the end of the match whistles. . In fact, it is Athletic’s own center-back who delivers the ball from afar.

The controversial action, at least in the arbitration report, is worded as follows: “In the 90th minute the player (4) Martínez Berridi, Iñigo was expelled for the following reason: Once the match was over and while he was still on the pitch, he hit an opponent with his hand in the face with excessive force.. This fact was communicated to both delegates in the dressing room tunnel, since the player involved had left the field of play ”.