The surreal interpretation in which those who see the goal of Sevilla valid are protected

The Seville, with a goal from the Argentine side Marcos Acuña In the second half, he took a controversial victory (1-0) and brought to light the deficiencies of the
Atlético de Madrid
, which is still the leader but with a tiny difference compared to Real Madrid and the Barcelona.

The game was decided in a play that is giving a lot to talk about. The goal of Acuna came in a play that began with a clamorous hand, which claimed the Athletic, from Ocampos, which served to recover the ball. Nothing less than more than half a minute and 14 passes after said action, in the same play let’s not forget it, the ball ended up in the net of Jan
Oblak and sentenced the mattress team when it was better.

The collegiate Gil
Apple tree, who was facing the play at all times, saw clearly how the Argentine Seville put out his arm to try to cut the pass from Trippier, which in fact succeeded and his team recovered the ball. However, it did not point out the initial violation.

Why didn’t the VAR to correct the situation? Well, because apparently, in one of the last meetings of the referees, facing this season, precisely this assumption was dealt with and it was determined that if the plays continued and time passed, the video referee had nothing to say. . Only if the hand was immediate to the goal, it was necessary to enter from the VAR room.

“38 seconds passed between the Argentine’s hand, who Gil Manzano considered involuntary, to the goal of Acuna. The hand has to be immediate to cancel it and it is not the case, “he said. Andújar Oliver in Radio Brand to explain the absurdity of the current situation.

That is to say, an assumption, in the event that a player literally recovers the ball with both hands in his area – without, for example Gil Manzano, in front of the play, whether he saw it or yes he saw it but interpreted that it was not a hand – and launched a counterattack that ended in a goal after half a minute, the VAR could not point out the unquestionable injustice. In other words, teams are at the mercy of, for example, the Gil Manzano let the referee eat a clamorous hand that can end up costing a league. Bad luck that he had Athletic