The surreal experience that Sara Sálamo has lived when going to vote: ‘It was very strange’

The actress Sara salamo has resorted to social networks, in which it has more than 896 thousand followers, to encourage citizens of Madrid to go to the polls on May 4 to exercise their right to vote in community elections. The Canarian has also shared the strange experience she has lived with a woman who was queuing at her own polling station.

“I have already voted. The anecdote of the day has been very funny. The woman who was behind me in the queue asked me where the ballot for that party was and I told her that I did not know, ”the young woman started.

Sara has continued narrating that “she has been scared and surprised that there were other options.” “He asked me who I was voting for, I told him and he was even more surprised. He separated and started looking at my pants, as if to see how I was dressed. It was very weird, very funny ”, he admitted with a laugh.

Finally, the footballer’s partner Isco Alarcon he has encouraged his supporters to go to the polls. “I just wanted to tell you to exercise your right to vote, which is very important. Do not stay at home. Happy day! ”, He sentenced.