The surprising photo of Kane with Beckham that enchants England

A photograph has come to light that has moved English football fans: that of an 11-year-old Harry Kane posing in March 2005 next to his current wife, Katie Goodwin, along with David Beckham, then captain. from England. The image has been published by the writer Lou Stoppard on her Twitter account.

A photo without a doubt premonitory, because today, 16 years later, it is Harry Kane, 27. the captain of the English team. The still Tottenham forward had enrolled in the Beckham Academy, a soccer talent-building program, and took the opportunity to get that photo taken with Becks.

Katie appears because she and Harry Kane went to the same school and that day she accompanied him to the Academy. They were friends so when they were 14 they fell in love, they started dating seriously in 2011 and in 2017, shortly after the birth of their first child, their daughter Ivy, they got married.

And today, 16 years later, that photo with Beckham has acquired cult value. And Harry Kane captains an England classified for the semifinals of the Eurocup, which will play this Wednesday against Denmark. An England that dreams of winning this title for the first time.