The surprising mistake of ‘The wheel of luck’ that outrages a part of the audience

The program that leads Jorge Fernández, ‘The Roulette of Luck’, celebrates this week on Antena 3 its 15th anniversary on the air. However, in recent hours a geographic skid in the final panel of the program that has outraged ‘Spain emptied’.

It happened in the broadcast of this Friday. “Film and location”, the contestant named Charly had to get it right. For this it had the letters R, S, F, Y, C L, T, in addition to the vowels A, E and O.

The correct answer, according to the Atresmedia contest, was Chimes at midnight and Catalañazor. However, the problem is that the town where Orson Welles shot this film is called Calatañazor, not Catalañazor, which is what appeared on the panel.

After that, uA Twitter user has corrected this bug of the panel of ‘The Roulette of Luck’. In addition, he has done it in a clear way. “Dear Jorge Fernández, what a mistake in the program. The town is Calatañazor. Normal that we are the emptied Spain “, wrote the user on his Twitter account.

The funny thing is that the contestant has been accepted by the word Calatañazo, although later he missed the word ‘Chimes’ to win the award.