The Super League would subtract 1,720 million and in 59,878 jobs from Spanish football, according to LaLiga

The commissioning of a Super league European football club as announced this Sunday by 12 major clubs on the continent, including the Spanish Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid, would have a negative impact of 1,720 million in income and 59,878 jobs, according to LaLiga.

The employers’ association of professional Spanish football clubs, which has expressed its opposition to this competition on several occasions, assures that the Super league It would reduce the income of LaLiga and its clubs by 43%, which would mean a decrease of 1,720 million euros, according to an estimate commissioned by the employers’ association to which EFE has had access.

The economic impact on the value of the clubs that do not compete in this competition would be 1,815 million, a reduction of 66.1%, while the reduction in the contribution that professional football teams make to the Higher Sports Council and the Spanish Federation Football would be 52 million, 61.2% less.

At a global level, the calculations of the association chaired by Javier Tebas ensure that this new competition would reduce by a third the impact of professional football on the Spanish Gross Domestic Product (GDP), from 1.37% that is currently calculated to contribute to 0 , 93%; and jobs would be reduced by 32.4%, which would mean 59,878 fewer jobs.

LaLiga condemned this Monday “energetically” the proposal of a competition that it defined as “secessionist and elitist, which attacks the principles of open competitiveness and sporting merit that occupy the deepest part of the national and European football ecosystem”, a rejection of which Most of the professional clubs joined, except for the three adhered to the project.

This new competition, in which in addition to the three Spanish clubs already mentioned, the Italians Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus would participate as founding members and the English Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham would include 20 teams, 15 with a place. fixed and five that would be classified by sporting merits.

His announcement awoke on Sunday the frontal opposition of UEFA, which on Monday reiterated that the players who played this competition would be excluded from their national teams, the Royal Spanish Football Federation, the FA and the English Premier League, the FIGC and the Lega Italian Serie A or the Bundesliga and the German Federation, as well as French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The competition would be financed by the US bank JP Morgan, as confirmed by this entity to EFE on Monday, which has reserved 3,250 million euros for a fund that will be distributed among the teams that join, according to the British ‘Financial Times’, according to which a company based in Spain would manage the television rights and sponsorship of this competition.