‘The Super League was about schoolyard bullies’

The executive president of the Leeds
United, Angus
Kinnearsaid that the six clubs in the Premier
League involved in the failed Super league
european they were “schoolyard bullies” and they had betrayed “the real football fans.”

The Super League project that involved 12 of Europe’s top clubs, including Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, collapsed within three days of its announcement amid fervent backlash from fans, organs rectors and politicians.

“The timing of the plan combined with the turmoil of a global pandemic was not a coincidence, it was deeply cynical,” Kinnear said ahead of Sunday’s 0-0 Premier League draw with Manchester United.

“Whether the collective intent was a genuine breakout move or an act of playground bullies is irrelevant. The result was a betrayal of any true football fan. ” He was also skeptical that it all ended here. “It would be naive to believe that the threat is forever extinct,” he added.

Kinnear also said it was a “shame” that managers and players stayed to answer questions on the issue “while owners were cowering at home.”

“The 14 ‘other’ clubs want and need their teams and fans in our league, but these teams and supporters deserve custodians who share faith in the football pyramid and loathing the prospect of lifting the drawbridge to create a cartel. sports. This week’s battle against elitism may have been won, but the war must be fought relentlessly and energetically. “