The summary of the ‘Barçagate’ is uncovered

The case of ‘Barçagate’ continues to uncover the events that would have led members of the previous board of the FC Barcelona to be arrested last Monday, as a result of an investigation that began months ago and that has hit the club in the week of the elections.

In the reports of the Mossos D’Esquadra, the investigation advanced after having found, according to the summary, a document in the registered offices of the Telempartners company. There the actions that said group, which also formed it, were collected. I3 Ventures, intended to influence opinions through profiles generated on social networks. A dossier called Business Dossier, which monitored opinions related to Barça, whose objective was to influence the Barça fan clubs and which would also contain information on the club’s electoral roll.

The I3 Ventures company, according to the Mossos report, had the purpose of locating opinion groups among the partners to make a measurement and barometer in order to subsequently influence through the profiles created. A system created based on “base and street territorial aspects for each rock and territory, a thermometer of what happens on social networks and a predictive behavior model”. All this would facilitate classifying and segmenting the ideological camps to generate influence strategies in favor of what was then the directive in the FC Barcelona.

Among those documents, there are names of opponents, who would have communities of detractors generated by the system, as well as a list of journalists, according to said summary, and favorable and critical opinion of the Board.

Focus on La Masia

Within the framework of ‘Barçagate’, a series of payments that would have been made through the Masía in relation to the use of social networks is being investigated. According to the report, both Xavier Martin, current director of the center, like his predecessor, Carles Folguerola, this was stated in his statement to the Mossos d’Escuadra.

Martín told the Police that a year ago, in February 2020, he discovered “A game of 192,000 euros paid to the Tantrasoft company, belonging to the I3 Ventures group. The total had been divided into monthly payments of 16,500 euros “ in concept of a work to reinforce the digital reputation of La Masia, something that was never done, according to the declarants.

Xavier Armengol, economic manager of La Masia, endorsed Martín’s statement that 2019 detected “a deviation of the budget from La Masia to the Tantrasolf company.” He also said that these payments could be made from November 2018.

For its part, Carles folguera, at that time director of La Masia, acknowledged that there were meetings with Nicestream, a company on which Tantrasolf and I3 Ventures depend, but that no contract was signed at the time.

According to the Mossos, the damage caused to Barcelona is between 843 thousand euros and 1.2 million.

He also stated Mario Ruiz placeholder image, current press officer of Barça Formatiu and La Masia, who acknowledged that Masferrer “agreed with the Nicestream group on a project to promote the La Masia 360 project. He needed visibility and Masferrer organized a meeting with Ibañez as a representative of Nicestream to help in the purpose. The group’s reports gave him a lot of data that he was able to use to position the social networks linked to Masia and formative soccer, ”said Ruiz, adding that“ the entire contractual relationship with this group was carried out by Masferrer personally ”and that he was unaware of the conditions. and hiring amounts.