The striking change in the referee’s criteria that almost cost Atlético the game

In the absence of a few games, all the lights are on the teams that play the title of The league, but also about the referees, there is no doubt. And in this sense, it does not help the competition too much, its cleanliness, that the referees have opposite criteria in similar plays.

What to say if it happens in the same game, as it happened in the Martinez
Valero. Two almost traced plays, one that was correctly rectified for the benefit of the Elche. And the second, in the final minute of the game, which led to another play that almost cost the game to the Atlético de Madrid.

The footballers of the Athletic they ended up quite pissed off with the referee Melero Lopez and his ‘striking’ change of judgment. In the first half, the shock went to rest with a play that could change the sign of the shock.

A shot of strap that he played on the arm of Diego Gonzalez. The referee whistled a penalty in the first stay, but after personally reviewing the repeated images, he understood that the ball had touched after hitting the player’s side, thus annulling his decision. It seemed like the right thing to do.

The problem came in the second half. At the end of the match. When a center to the area touched in the hand of Trippier, which was turning to avoid a hit. It was traced to the other. A footballer trying to protect himself, with his arm in a natural position and the ball that he accidentally touched. The same. But not. For the collegiate it was not. And it was a foul before the protests of the colchoneros.

“From within the field for me it was not a fault what was whistled. I have not seen the repetition, but if you ask me about my feeling it was not a fault ”, explained Llorente at the end of the game.

The action was taken out and ended with a penalty of Llorente, this is final. What happens is that that second play should never have existed if Melero
Lopez I would have kept the same criteria. Fidel he threw the maximum penalty and the stick repelled it. Lucky for him
Atlético de Madrid