The spectacular hug of Joao Félix and Cerezo

In recent months there has been much speculation about the sensations of Joao Felix in the Atlético de Madrid. It has been said that the player was not comfortable with him Cholo Simeone and he has even been involved in a possible exchange with other footballers. But the Portuguese striker was blunt in stating that he was “happy” at the club. Just after melting into a movie hug with the president of Atlético de Madrid, Enrique Cerezo.

After being champion of League The player went to the mixed zone to deny all the rumors that have appeared that he was not comfortable. “I am very happy to be champion in my second year. This is a very good thing. And being champion at Atleti is even better ”.

Cerezo’s spectacular hug with Joao Félix

That is if you have the pending account of not having been a starter throughout the season. Something to Joao It hurts but he knows that it has been due to circumstances that he cannot handle. “I have started the first half of the season, but then things happened. My ankle was not working well, other things happened. But in the end the most important thing is that we are all champions, ”he told the accredited media in the mixed zone.

He also had no problems ensuring that this season he has seen a very offensive team on the pitch at all times. “We have incredible players who always score goals when attacking. We have done them in almost every game, and when we try to play we are a very good team. Now it’s time to continue like this to win more things ”.

When we try to play we are a very good team. Now it’s time to continue like this to win more things

Finally they asked him about his relationship with Paulo Futre the one you saw after the game. The mattress myth had gone to Jose Zorrilla invited by the club. “He told me he was happy for him Atlético de Madrid and happy for me. He always defended me, he was one of the few who has done it at all times. He is very happy for me ”, concluded the Portuguese striker.