The specialists, attentive to the first fall of Marc Márquez

The return of Marc Márquez to competition is just around the corner and will shortly
sea ​​the final decision of whether he gets on the flight to Doha this Tuesday to start the MotoGP World Championship in the first of the dates in Losail (March 26-28) or if he gives another week of recovery margin and rejoins for the second. That you should fly to Doha is a commitment that you must make as you decide what you decide should go for the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine against covid-19.

And Márquez has already warned that as soon as he returns to the activity it will be without losing his essence, his claw, without speculating when looking for the limits of the Honda and it is already known that sometimes it leads to falls or saved brand of the house and This is where the specialists place the key to everything to definitely trust your right arm.

During the presentation of the DAZN F1 and MotoGP programming this Thursday in Madrid the world champion of Superbikes and former MotoGP rider Carlos Checa explained about how the return of Marc Márquez will be to the competition that “it is unknown, I do not know how his arm has, when he will forget about the physical problem and have all the confidence it will cost him, he has been without a motorcycle for a long time, but the sensations keep them and when you have been so long you arrive more reinforced” , says the one from Sant Fruitós de Bages.

And the key to the full confidence of the Cervera rider is the moment he suffers his first crash on the track. “Marc will fall again, we don’t know when it will be. You have to break the ice. And when you have fallen and you have hurt yourself so much, and you come back, you always have that uncertainty of when you are going to take another blow, what is going to happen “

“I think that sooner or later there will be a romp. I just hope and wish that he gets up as he was just before, and this will give him a lot of confidence, it will help him to remove that little doubt, because he is going to have it, what is going to happen to that arm when he falls, and I think everyone we have. In Marc’s first fall we are all going to get scared, and we are going to think about his arm. And that ice is going to have to break, I think it will be an important moment. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, that it doesn’t fall even once, but it is unlikely to happen, ”said the DAZN MotoGP commentator.