The Spanish team recharges energy pending Sarabia

The Spanish selection recharged energy on a quiet Sunday in the Soccer City, with no departure planned by the coach Luis Enrique Martinez, which is pending the evolution of Pablo Sarabia, who rush their chances of reaching the semifinals with treatment before Italy.

The fatigue accumulated in the tournament, the two consecutive extensions of the round of 16 against Croatia and rooms in front of Swiss, invited the selection to rest and there was no joint outing to celebrate a fraternization meal as happened on two occasions since the start of the concentration.

The internationals spent the day at their ‘headquarters’ in Las Rozas between gentle recovery exercises on the field and in the gym, time for the pool, games room and rest.

Luis Enrique’s only concern is in Sarabia. The coach wants to wait until the last moment, analyzing his evolution, before making a decision on the eleven that he will play against Italy in the semifinals that host on Tuesday Wembley.

The magnetic resonance to which the Spanish player of the PSG did not show the existence of a muscle tear. Sarabia was injured at the start of the quarterfinal match and continues to have discomfort in the right adductor, where he suffers a small contracture.

On Sunday, according to sources from the selection, he performed physiotherapy work and was treated with the diamagnetic pump, a machine that applies a therapy that accelerates recoveries. Sarabia will be part of the expedition to London and based on its evolution in the next few hours a decision will be made about its presence in the semifinal match between player, coaching staff and doctors.

Spain He will complete the last training session before the semifinals at his meeting place, starting at 10:00 in the main field of the Ciudad del Fútbol. You will travel to London after lunch, on a charter flight that will depart from Barajas at 5:00 p.m. to land at 6:00 p.m. local time.