The Spanish Pablo Longoria, new president of Marseille

The surprise jumped this Friday in the Olympique de Marseille because parallel to the announcement of the arrival of Jorge Sampaoli
As a coach, which was an open secret, profound changes were announced in the club’s organization chart that led to the Spaniard Pablo Longoria to assume the position of president.

Jacques-Henri Eyraud, who until now was in that position, left it after four years occupying it and thus facilitated the promotion of the aforementioned Longoria, who to date served as sports director of this Olympique of Marseille.

Pablo Longoria, in whose curriculum there are positions in the offices of the Newcastle, the Recreativo de Huelva, the Atalanta, the Sassuolo, the Juventus and the Valencia, before reaching Marseilles, assumes the presidency with just 34 years, thus achieving to be one of the youngest top leaders in the history of French football.