The song that korea Wembley

Although it is a song that is usually shouted at dawn in many karaokes, Sweet caroline has become a kind of second anthem for England, which has celebrated its successful path to the end of the Eurocup with lyrics written by Neil Diamond in 1969: “I was going to play ‘Vindaloo’, but I got carried away by my instinct,” explains Tony Parry, the Wembley stadium DJ who korea a cappella this song that has become popular again among the hobby.

Sweet Caroline has a long tradition associated with sports, especially in the United States. The baseball team of the Boston Red Sox He has played it in every match he has played at home since 1997. It is said that the DJ put it for the first time in honor of a girl named Caroline, newborn daughter of one of the players. The song had so much hook that since then it has been heard at Fenway Park in Boston and also at the Carolina Panthers stadium of the NFL.

A theme that in England began to become fashionable in Stamford Bridge and in the town
Park every time Chelsea and Aston Villa won. Although the melody is not only played on soccer fields but also played in cricket matches, deeply rooted in English culture. It also accompanies as a soundtrack in boxing, especially in the prelude to each fight of Anthony Joshua, another of the great icons that England has.

Sweet Carolina, however, rumbles better in Wembley than anywhere else. A song that has conquered its people, that repeats the chorus over and over again. England she’s partying. After the triumph in front of Denmark, he has one last step left before ascending to the throne. Italy awaits in the final in a tag match in which the favorite cannot be other than the host. With the public in favor, the team of Southgate wait for Sunday to be able to sing the song of Neil