The silence of Pablo López in the home of Pitu Roca

Five wood-veneered cubes of wine boxes that Pitu Roca he had collected over the years, each dedicated to five wine regions that he admires: Champagne, Riesling, Borgogna, Priorat and Jerez. And each of those areas when illuminated comes to life and music. Has chosen Pitu Mozart, also Miguel Poveda, who sings to the wines of Jerez until you get emotional. Because deep down what you are looking for Pitu Roca is that your winery breathes emotion. The sommelier is so special that he has created a catwalk of sensations using all the senses.

He touches the silk that evokes memories of Riesling, the austere and strong black slate, it is the Priorat, esparto and limestone to travel to Jerez … and at that moment, Pablo Lopez, which is an amphora of emotions, shut up. Because the music that the singer from Malaga would put at that moment is silence.

Pablo Lopez he is passionate about wines. He always thought that the wines were going to accompany him in his life, wines chosen according to the stage he lived and that now continue to mark his life with a constant that Pablo notices in the Celler: humility.

Humility has been used as a qualified adjective for any situation that has lost empathy, for almost everyone, not for Pablo because he does everything from within.

Enter the kitchen of the rock from the hand of Pitu and Joan, which teaches him how a kitchen works emotionally, and for Pablo López it is like entering another life, magical, fairy tale, because that kitchen breathes a joy that is transmitted in the dishes.

A dessert is the star that day and all the days ahead. It’s from MAndaRINA. Marine. The daughter of Joan Roca, who came out of a coma after an accident and her uncle, Jordi, had prepared the smells of tangerine to wake her up. Normal that Pablo Lopez get excited every moment. Yes, in turns with the emotions, with the tears of joy with the moments captured and that are fixed in the brain. Forever.

Pablo throws new work, very intimate, fruit of his strength to overcome an apparently weakness that is not such. it’s just sensitivity. He launches new work and tour that after his concert in Valencia will take him to perform all next week at the Teatre Coliseum in Barcelona. You will once again look your audience in the eye with love, like Pitu look at their wines. Each one with their music and their hugs.