The ‘signing’ of Toni Cantó … 24 hours after leaving Ciudadanos!

Shortly after announcing his resignation from the Citizens Executive, Toni Cantó, has already found a new job away from politics, in this case on television. 24 hours after your departure from the orange training, the Valencian has confirmed that he will work as a collaborator of Risto Mejide in ‘Everything is a lie’. What’s more, the signing has been closed in full direct of the “Four” program.

Everything has happened in a live connection, where Cantó has accepted the offer of the program presented by Risto Mejide. The coordinator of the orange party in the Valencian Community acknowledged that he felt “disenchanted”, and that “if I didn’t love politics I wouldn’t have gotten involved …”, adding that “right now the only thing I’m thinking about is disconnecting ”.

However, he did admit that he had received some proposals from two television producers

For this reason, from the set of “Everything is a lie,” they began to grope Cantó in a humorous tone. “But if you quit politics, then what do you live on? You will have to live on something ”, launched Risto Mejide. In which Cantó replied: “I look for things that motivate me and excite me, that they make me come home happy ”.

Later, after the advertising break, Risto Mejide did not cut himself off and asked him what many expected: “Toni Cantó, from here I formalize the offer so that you can come as a talkative whenever you want ”. Cantó himself replied: “I want to know who my boss is going to be: you or Marta (Flich). She has been at my service in the past and I want to know if now the roles are going to change, “Cantó joked, ending with:” We started the negotiation.